Every music college should play “Music for 18 Musicians”. It is the best training for ensemble playing, listening, rhythm and confidence-building – and a great way to make new friends.

Most percussionists have Steve Reich’s pieces on their wish list before they even get to college, but “Music for 18” is often new to pianists, string players, clarinettists and singers. For them, it will probably involve playing/singing in an unfamiliar way – but one that will add hugely to their skill-sets.

Most importantly, it is great fun to learn this piece, and audiences absolutely love it!

Having Micaela work with the players and singers, especially in the earlier and later stages of preparation, will make an enormous difference to the students’ performance – and save hours of rehearsal.

Feedback below from Schools and Colleges


HKB Ensemble Vertigo, Bern

     “Thanks for your invaluable input and fantastic energy. Personally, I'm still                                                              flying from that concert”

                                 Brian Archinal - Professor of Percussion
               Bern University of the Arts (Hochschule der Künste Bern)



Hannover Hochschule, Germany

We’re so pleased to have Micaela involved in this “Music for 18” project.
Our first rehearsals consisted of sectionals and workshops, and after only
2 days the students were able to play together through the whole piece.

With Micaela’s help we were shown the best way to approach this
fascinating work. We are confident that we now have the skills
to practise and improve on our own before we see her again
a few days before the concert next May.”

Prof. Andreas Boettger - Head of Percussion
Hannover State University for Music, Drama and Media

Royal College of Music, London

“Huge thanks and congratulations. I don’t think that I’ve seen, even amongst all the terrific concerts that we have done here, a concert with such a feeling of joy and achievement.

The students who took part are still buzzing with excitement, and a realisation of just what they achieved. And they wouldn’t have achieved it without your expert and infectious leadership and guidance.

Thank you for taking such time and trouble to challenge the students, and to give them the confidence to perform in such a remarkable way.”

Stephen Johns – Artistic Director,
Royal College of Music


Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Munich
with The Breakout Ensemble Munich

“Without your coaching and direction, the performance would never have reached the amazing confidence and accuracy it had.”

Steve Reich


"Thank you so much for your fantastic work!"

Wolfram Winkel - Percussion Teacher


St Paul’s School, London

“I can’t possibly thank you enough for being such a legend, not to mention such a brilliantly patient and inspiring coach. It was a real treat to work with you.”

Ryan Hepburn – Assistant Director of Music, St Paul’s School, London

Answers from the 'About' page

Plan 1 – All the pianos show the bass notes (longer strings) on the right side of the instrument instead of the left, so they’ve all been drawn the wrong way round.
Plan 2 – The pianos are correct, but the vibraphone shows the lower notes (longer bars) on the right side, so this instrument is drawn the wrong way round.