Music for 18 Musicians

"Music for 18 Musicians" is arguably Steve Reich’s most popular and best known work.  Following its completion in 1976, the piece was performed almost exclusively by Steve Reich & Musicians for over twenty years.  The modular score (available from Boosey & Hawkes) appeared only in 1997, and the work is still a relatively new discovery for even long-established ensembles.

The piece works on a cue system, without conductor.  If you are putting “Music for 18” together for the first time, Micaela can be of enormous help in early rehearsals, explaining how the piece works and identifying the points an ensemble needs to work on. Then she can refine your ensemble’s performance until it’s the best it can possibly be. Even if some of your players have performed the piece before, there is no substitute for having Micaela out front in rehearsals to provide advice and feedback in terms of balance, pacing and sound.

“Micaela Haslam is the great singer who runs Synergy Vocals.
She has coached groups before I get there when I’m sitting in and she’s coached groups when I’m not involved at all.
You would do well to invite her to work with you. She will clarify everything about the piece.”
Steve Reich