Why just play “Music for 18 Musicians” when you could play it better than you ever thought possible?

If your ensemble is playing “Music for 18” for the first time, Micaela can save you hours of rehearsal by explaining simply and efficiently how the piece works, giving all the players and singers a clear understanding of the whole piece and their individual roles at any given point.

It is often beneficial to organise a preliminary day or two of rehearsals well in advance of a performance, then musicians have time to process the information and work individually on the details. Any singers new to the piece will also need time to practise their articulation and microphone technique. If rehearsal time is limited, then Micaela can transform a competent ensemble in just a few days. In this instance, it is often advisable to use vocalists from Synergy Vocals who can simply “drop in” to the ensemble on the final day of rehearsals.

For ensembles who are revisiting “Music for 18”, having Micaela attend rehearsals will ensure that everyone in the group is performing as effectively as possible. She can also be of enormous assistance to the sound engineer, ensuring that the balance (both on stage and out front) is the best it can possibly be.



Frames Percussion

“It was truly inspiring working with you. Seeing you bringing out the best of everyone in such a caring and respectful manner was really motivating.”

Miquel Vich Vila (Frames Percussion)


Manchester Camerata

“Thank you for your invaluable expertise and general loveliness!  It was such a pleasure to work with you and you made it all come together so simply and quickly. I absolutely loved working on this project and just wanted you to know how much you were appreciated.”

Stuart Eminson (clarinet)



(photo by Robin Clewley)

Neopercusion/ Música en Segura – Madrid

“Juanjo Guillem and I had a common dream of performing “Music for 18 Musicians” in Spain – a piece rarely played live in this country. The joint project between the ensemble Neopercusion and the festival Música en Segura needed another partner: the best possible coach, and that was obviously Micaela. In just a couple of days of rehearsals, Micaela’s insight and expertise made the whole thing come together. Not only did the group gain a much better understanding of how this special piece works, but Micaela helped us to find our own flow - to let the music speak. Now we can’t wait until our next performance!”

Daniel Broncano, artistic director Música en Segura


Ensemble Contrechamps, Eklekto, Ensemble Vocal Séquence - Geneva

"Working with Micaela Haslam on "Music for 18 Musicians" was an absolute pleasure. Her expertise and leadership brought everyone together to play a flawless version of the work full of energy from beginning to end.

She used rehearsal time efficiently, inspired players to find the right blend of sound and guided listening within the ensemble to strengthen both rhythmic grounding and horizontal phrasing. I can’t recommend working with her enough.''

Serge Vuille, artistic director Ensemble Contrechamps


Colin Currie Group

“Happier than ever for you to be running the rehearsals for "Music for 18".

An extraordinarily rewarding project, and to give this work of genius such a convincing performance was an honour. Thanks again for all your direction. Fantastic!!”

Colin Currie


Ensamble Perceum de Percusión, Nonsense Ensamble Vocal - Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires

(South American Premiere of “Music for 18 Musicians”)

“It was amazing, thank you so much!!!! I hope you enjoyed this experience as much as we did!”

Valeria Zamparolo (British Council)

“Buenos Aires really was a great scene!”

Steve Reich

London Sinfonietta

“This London concert (Royal Festival Hall) was the best ever of all the many, many concerts I've given with my own, and now, other groups, over the years there.”

Steve Reich

“The privilege of having Micaela Haslam and her fabulous group Synergy Vocals onboard is always a guarantee for an idiomatic performance. The performance was simply phenomenal in its clarity, agility and sheer musicality.”

Jari Kallio


London Philharmonic Orchestra

“Reich’s "Music for 18 Musicians" expanded with glorious clarity and commitment as we were taken on a breath-taking journey of pulses and patterns. The precision and rhythmic security was mesmerising”

Classical Source review


“A performance of tremendous concentration and sustained energy”

Guardian review


Ensemble Intercontemporain

"It was such a huge pleasure to work with you again and to hear this amazing work on Saturday night. It really was terrific!!!"

Alix Sabatier – Artistic Co-ordinator, EIC


"It was really a great time spent with you, for the musicians but also for all the technicians. You are so nice, so attentive and so professional. The result was a wonderful concert full of emotion."

Jean Radel – Stage Manager


Stockholm Philharmonic

“I am so impressed by Synergy Vocals and would love to work with you in new future projects.

I am, if possible, even more impressed by you and your amazing leadership with "Music for 18 Musicians". You were great and my musicians adored you!”

Stefan Forsberg, CEO and Artistic Director