Music for 18 Musicians - A website tribute

Patrick Zimmerli, Brad Mehldau & Kevin Hays: Excerpt from Music for 18 Musicians (from the CD Modern Music Nonesuch ASIN: B005DKLPCE)

This arrangement is for 2 pianos. It has pianists Brad Mehldau and Kevin Hayes playing 18 Musicians as arranged by Patrick Zimmerli.  The piece consists essentially of 3 quick rounds of the chords featured in the "pulses" section of 18 Musicians. The first run through is pretty close to the original piece with a few minor embellishments, then just as section 1 is supposed to begin they play the pulse chords again but with far more wacky embellishments including some fine crushed chords. The normal sequence gives way to more of a jazzy feel, it is really quite enthralling. Then we get a 3rd run through the pulse chords, but with even more suprising additions, but all the time keeping the basic "pulse" feel. I think this is great fun.

Patrick Zimmerli: "I had been thinking of pieces of contemporary music to arrange for two improvising pianists. I felt it important to include Reich but didn't know 18 Musicians well.  As I got to know the piece and its construction the parallels to jazz became really obvious. Generating music from an abstract series of chords comes naturally to us. So it just made sense to re-abstract the chords, use a little snippet of the actual piece (the opening 8th note motif), and let the musicians go from there."

I recommend you checkout Patrick Zimmerli's vibrant orchestral music here and here.  (youtube links)