Music for 18 Musicians - A website tribute

Aaron M. Olson's "A Musical Tracing (Live)".  

And now for something completely different.  I'd never heard of anything called "Musical Tracing" before so I asked Aaron to explain the process:  
"The process: I got 18 musicians, had them bring their own pairs of headphones and instruments of their choosing, had them all plugged into the same sound source (an iPod with splitters and headphone amps), played the original ECM recording of music for 18 from said sound source, and had everybody try to play what they were hearing (any part that stuck out to them) to the best of their abilities. The sound that the live audience and YouTube recording ended up with is the product of what these 18 musicians were playing, with no remains of the original ECM recording; a tracing if you will. There were no rehearsals for this and the musicians varied greatly in their familiarity with the piece (some had never heard it before). I hope that explains it clearly enough!" .... Thanks Aaron for the explanation.

And the musical result?  To me it sounds like Sun Ra meets Steve Reich, with John Coltrane, Stockhausen (Aus Den Sieben Tagen era) and others all rolled into one.  Bizarre, but compelling, especially for it's "live" aspect.  I bet it was great to be there.  I prefered to ignore the video and just listen to the music...  oh and Happy Birthday!