Music for 18 Musicians - A website tribute

There are two pieces of music which have appeared on Nonsuch "Reich Remixed" compliations which are remixes of Music for 18 Musicians.  These are:

Reich Remixed 1999: Music for 18 Musicians; Coldcut Remix  (Nonesuch ASIN: B00000I5LV)

Coldcut are a top dance duo from the UK.  This was Track 1 from the original 1999 "Reich Remixed" CD.  The track starts off by mixing up a fast version of the pulses section with some snippets of short phrases taken from the some of the middle sections. The music is clearly a pastiche of 18 musicians and is easy to listen to and quite effective. At two a half minutes some funky electronics attempt to spoil the effect somewhat but they don't take over  completely. It is only 5 mins long, probably just as well.

Reich Remixed 2006: Music for 18 Musicians; Ruoho Ruotsi's Pulse Section Dub Remix (Nonesuch ASIN: B000JJ4PB2)

From the 2006 "EP" which only had four tracks on.  This was track 3 of the EP.  At the start of this piece you can kind of hear a snippet of the original 18 Musicians pulses music as it morphs into a highly electronic arrangement of itself. After around one minute any resemblance to the original is gone and we are pretty much in a different world entirely. To me it just sounds like piece of modern electronic music, reminiscent of System 7, say. Eventually you can detect the opening vibraphone cue into section 1 and the piece fizzles out. 

In 2006 Ruoho Ruotsi, a musician/producer based in San Francisco, won an international BBC Radio 1 remix competition for this remix of 18 Musicians.