Music for 18 Musicians - A website tribute

Anthony Distefano's version of the Pulses played on "Absynth" - a software synthesizer.  Anthony says "This was all done using Absynth's envelopes.  I used Native Instruments Absynth for the rework which is the synth I know best. I always loved the chords in Pulses and always heard them in my head done on a Synthesizer  .I love the way the chords just melt into each other. It is one of my favorite pieces and hope to one day realize the whole work with just synths."   

This is interesting to hear.  In the real life version the move from one chord to the other is slightly merged whereas in this version it is more definitive - I really wish Anthony the best doing the whole piece, it sounds like a real challenge - come on Anthony!

The download is available via soundcloud here or below in the youtube version.  

Also an ambient version which appeared in 2014